When conditions change in the energy body, subtle feedback exists immediately, which we generally are not aware of.

It is only when these subtle sensations turn into strong feelings that we are made to take notice.

We only become aware of these strong emotions as they turn into physiological sensations.

How You Will Benefit?

For example: when someone gets told unexpectedly, "You Are Fired!" they will report that "it felt as though they had been punched in the stomach".

That's not some kind of metaphor but a complete and correct recognition and diagnosis of a real and severe disturbance in this person's energy body.

The “physical” sensation tells us exactly where this disturbance lies - in Emotrance.

The one who is working on their problem or disturbance will be asked to "show me with your hands where that is" - "that" being the problem, the bereavement, the anger, the pain, or whatever label of emotion is causing the problem.

There are channels and pathways which, if they are clear and functioning properly, can and will channel even the most powerful of energies into us, through us and out again in an Even Flow movement.

Emotrance works to re-establish a full and functioning flow of energy types through a person's body.

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