Psychologists help to ensure the health and well-being of all people, individuals, families, groups, and society as a whole.

Psychologists are trained professionals who conduct research, perform testing, and evaluate and treat a full range of emotional and psychological challenges.

Psychologists offer a wide variety of services to the public:

Individual and group therapy with adults, adolescents, and children, addressing common problems such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

Work in schools to help students enhance learning.

Neuropsychological services to aid in the evaluation and treatment of learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, cognitive (thinking) problems, as well as stroke and head injuries.

Work with other professionals to improve communication skills and increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Work with performers, including athletes, actors and musicians, to help develop concentration, reduce anxiety and enhance performance.

Consult with and provide expert testimony in court proceedings.

Many other services where aspects of human behaviour and behavioural change are important.

At the East London Therapy Centre we work with two first class educational psychologists and two clinical psychologists.

Most psychologists command fees of between £80 to £120 per session which can be covered by health insurance.

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