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A psychiatrist is a medically-qualified practitioner and has spent about 5 to 6 years training as a doctor.

An Adult Psychiatrist is a general psychiatrist who needs to develop skills in talking with people who have disordered thinking and hallucinations.

A Child Psychiatrist is a psychiatrist who will usually develop skills in working with families and with the special needs of children.

What makes a psychiatrist different from a doctor?

A psychiatrist will be able to -

Assess a person's state of mind

Use the “bio psychosocial” model of understanding. This emphasises the importance of a person's past experiences, family, culture, surroundings and work as well as any medical features.

Diagnose a mental illness

Use a range of medications

Help a person recover.

As well as these 'core' skills, a psychiatrist will specialise and develop skills in working with the particular problems that affect different groups of people.

At The Forest Therapy Centre we use renowned adult psychiatrists all of whom are all available to you using any major health care insurance scheme.

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