Speech Therapy

From a very young age we learn how to communicate and develop.

From being a child to becoming an adult, we never stop learning and developing.

Speech therapy helps people of all ages and walks of life to communicate as well as possible.

How can speech therapy help you?

Firstly by looking at your communication skills which may include receptive language, that is, what the child understands.

Secondly through expressive language or what your child says or what signs they show.

Thirdly through speech skills – exactly how your child pronounces words.

Last but by no means least – via interaction skills – how does your child use language in a conversation – the best example here would be by asking questions.

If we look at deaf children, we can see that speech therapy is a real must, particularly when it comes to helping your child communicate during everyday life.

Whatever communication choices you make for your child, speech therapy may be able to help your child to further develop their communication skills.

Our speech therapists will provide a service that takes into account the needs and wishes of both you and your child.

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