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Employee Assistance Programs

Psychological illness is now the number one cause of absence from work within the UK, with one in every four workers experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress at any one time.

It’s a problem businesses simply can’t afford to ignore.

Yet many businesses adopt a blinkered approach, regarding Employee Assistance Programmes simply as a tick box exercise.

How You Will Benefit?

Psychological health issues remain taboo, and employees are often unaware of the support available to them.

If employees fail to receive the expert clinical support they need, their productivity and performance may suffer, with an inevitable effect on your bottom line.

We recognise that for you to benefit from a productive and healthy workforce, your employees need to have fast access to appropriate support when life becomes challenging.

The faster they get the support, the faster they can be back to their best performance at work.

So our accessible, clinically-led, carefully tailored and well-promoted Employee Assistance Programmes genuinely and effectively tackle psychological health – with measurable results.

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