Frequently asked questions

The first appointment

Our appointments last for about 50 minutes, which is in accordance with BACP guidelines. The first appointment is usually an assessment and if you require further sessions this will be discussed.


Forest Therapy adheres strictly to BACP guidelines and Code Of Good Practise, and all information disclosed is treated as confidential, unless there is concern of self harm or harm to a third party.
Counsellors will always discuss with the client in advance of any disclosed information.

Being referred

You can self-refer or you can be referred by your GP. To book an appointment please either call us in person or book via our website.

Evening apppointments

We offer both daytime and evening appointments and will try accommodate wherever possible.

How long will I need?

The number of session's required can vary according to your individually tailored needs. We have both short, medium and long term therapy plans in place and a short term therapy plan is usually 12 weeks with a 6 week review. However this is something that you would discuss with your therapist, at your initial assessment.